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Oodori site

An encouter with unknown
Ice shrine
Robot's castle
Night view of ice statue
Dream New Spirit
Ancient Novel- Hokkaido,20000 years ago
Night view of snow statue
Norhtern Grace
Welcome to emotional land-Hokkaido
Victoria memorial hall-day version
Victoria memorial hall-night version
Ambarid Dome Church
Nishingoten and Kitamaesen
Japanese festival-6 Ishimikagura
Snowman made by "Misses"
Northern Animals 1
Northern Animals 2
Northern Animals 3
Northern Animals 4
Northern Animals 5
International snow contest-Thailand team
International snow contest-Result

Makomanai site

Buda palace
Giant snowman
Pocket Monster land
Tube slider
Mini SL
Snowman park

Susukino Site

Susukino Square
Yummy ice figures

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