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Sapporo clock tower's bell ~140k ~205k
Ski-jump of KASAYA(1972 gold medalist) ~210k ~270k
Whistle of Steam Locomotion ~48k ~55k
The sound of departing SL ~217k ~298k
Hokkaido Shrine Festival
(March of Emperor's loyalist restoration corps)
~235k ~292k
Bell of holly church "Gangandera" in Hakodate ~201k ~230k
Siren of "Hiyamamaru",ship ply between Aomori and Hakodate ~84k ~104k
Call of lady selling the cuttlefish in Hakodate ~101k ~143k
Ring of horse drawn sleigh ~130k ~179k
Cry of an owl in HOKKAIDO ~85k ~102k
A white crane with a red crest ~81k ~98k
Pika at Mt. Taisetu ~114k ~75k
Pika at Mt. Taisetu(QuickTimeMovie) ~250k
Tree cracking sound due to cold weather in HOKKAIDO
~33k ~43k
Cry of the drift ice sea ~190k ~250k
Walking sound on the cold snow road ~169k ~213k
Announce of new pendulum type express "Super Ozora"
Recorded by Mr.T.Inoue, 28th Mar`97
~319k ~434k
Fog siren of Nosyappu cape
Recorded by Mr.T.Inoue
~132k ~171k

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